Practical, cost-effective and flexible, underfloor heating is increasingly being specified over traditional radiator systems and establishing a reputation as the preferred modern – day heating system.


Underfloor heating utilises heat conduction and radiant heat for indoor climate control, rather than forced air heating which relies on convection. Heat is provided by warm water circulating under the floors through a network of cross – linked PE-Xa pipes.


Underfloor heating can be used with concrete and wooden floors, at ground level or upstairs. All types of floor coverings can be used although some are better conductors and thus work better with underfloor heating.

Design Freedom:

No restrictions on placement of furniture. Curved walls and full height glazing is not a problem.


Warm floors eliminate the No hazardous wall projections sharp edges or hot surfaces. This makes it more child friendly than conventional radiators.

Cost Efficiency:

Once installed, the underfloor heating is almost a zero maintenance system. Servicing required only of the boilers and pumps. Economy:

Low water temperature heating system is ideal for heat pump application.

Suitable for use with condensing boilers