Why heat Pumps

Decarbonisation of heat is one of the greatest challenges we face in meeting our carbon reduction obligations. Heat pumps are universally considered to be central to this process as they use relatively small amounts of electricity in order to harness much greater amounts of renewable energy from the surroundings – air, ground, aquifers, rivers, lakes etc.

As electricity becomes greener due to increased solar, hydro and wind generation on the national electricity grid, heat pumps will reduce CO2 output by c 70% compared to gas fired systems and 85% compared to oil fired systems. The best part is that this improves over time as more renewable electricity comes online.

Not only will heat pumps consume zero carbon electricity but they can also be programmed to consume cheap, off-peak electricity which reduces running costs, helps with grid stabilisation and drives further decarbonisation.

You can feel good about your decision and contribution – the move to a heat pump is a significant positive, long term impact on our climate and air quality.

Grant Information

Heat Pump retrofits can be subsidised by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland SEAi under the Better Energy Homes scheme BEHs– Info Here.

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